The 1GB of storage space is for media files you import. The number of projects and wireframes you can create is unlimited for a paid account.
Yes, you can input different languages
Please e-mail us at, the current e-mail address used in iPlotz and the e-mail to which you would like to.
This is because you have not registered your iPlotz desktop using the activation key sent via email. To register your iPlotz Desktop application ...
  1. Open iPlotz.
  2. Click on the help menu
  3. Click on Register
  4. In the window that opens up enter your email address and the activation key that was sent to you via email after purchase.

(Note: You will need to register iPlotz with the exact email address used at time of purchase. Avoid extra white spaces before and after the activation key. )
It's perpetual, so enjoy using it for free for as long as you want..:-)
No, you can cancel your account at any time.
To add a user to your multiuser account to you need to do the following....
  1. Go to and login.
  2. Now navigate to
  3. Now click "Sub User".
  4. In the "Additional Emails" field enter the email of the user you wish to add.
  5. Click the yellow + button.
  6. Check the "Desktop" check box if you want to generate an iPlotz desktop license for this user. An email will be send to the added user containing the license key. Please take note that users for whom desktop license has been generated, cannot be deleted. However if it imperative that you need to remove the user please email us at
  7. Once you have done adding the email addresses click this "Update" button
Please check the attached image...
To highlight one of the tabs in the tab bar:
  1. double-click on the tab bar component to enter edit mode.
  2. select the tab you wish to highlight and place a (-) at the front of the tab title
  3. hit enter and the tab will be highlighted in blue.