• Where are my desktop app projects?  Question

    Mathew Lowry
    I paid for and started using the desktop app years ago. A few months back I created a new project. Now when I open the app there are NO PROJECTS AT ALL. That's several years of work, gone! I've searched my HDD for *.ipml files, and found some from earlier last year. But my work from late last year is nowhere to be found, neither online or on desktop. How can I get my work back?

  • replied 1 Year ago


    In iPlotz desktop the wireframe data is stored in the iplotz.ipl file. You can find the current iplotz.ipl file by selecting Help>About iPlotz then clicking bottom right button. Please search iplotz.ipl, if there is multiple .ipl files in your system replacing current file with old one will restore old local data. or please send us current iplotz.ipl. If it is possible to send the file please let us know, we will send you the details where to upload file.

  • replied 6 Days ago

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