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    Horace Guo
    Hi there, I can't seem to be able to download the desktop version. When I click on the blue Download iPlotz button at the top right corner, a small white window popped up with nothing in it. I have installed Adobe AIR. And I have tried in different browers. Nothing worked. It is a shame that I bought the software before I tried to download it. I should have tried to download it before paying for it. Can someone help me please? Is there any other link I can try to download it? Thanks heaps Horace

  • replied 3 Years ago


    Sandy Freitag
    Hi there, I am experiencing the same thing, and I have not heard back from iPlotz support. I, too am sorry that I purchased this product, and they don't even have a refund option. They don't seem to care. It is too bad, as this is one of the best mockup tools that I have found. Good luck to you.

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    I I've just bought a Iplotz desktop version ans I encountered som downloading problems. I've sent several questions to the support but they 've ne replied for the moment. However, I found a solution on the foruland now it works fine. You should use this link http://iplotz.com/download/iplotz.air and install the application using AdobeAir!

  • replied 2 Years ago


    mark vernon
    Over a year ago we transitioned from operating iPlotz from USA and to our offices in Manila, Philippines...for a month or so we had problems with support issues...we have been giving support ever since, a new version developed, and continuing new features being added. Support is live or via email...

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